Robo 2.0 review and rating

In the wake of that film’s special vastondante Rajani. Now three technology, sophisticated sound system, huge visual effects in film history, most of all, especially in the big-budget Indian drama “2o” jumped from today and start hunting records. The film has already created a positive vibe. US media reports, the social truce. Shankar Vision, Rajani, Akshay’s performance, visual effects are positive reactions. However, Ramesh Bala responded 2opai Tamil film critic. “So far rikardulannintiki rip the box office. Shankar once again prove that he was the director of the Master of the Vision, “he tvitcesadu. Shows preview of fans have already seen the social media platform to share their happiness. Rajani, praising the performance of Akshay Kumar Shankar provided muncettutundaga story ..,

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