Notlaraddu big shock, monetary policy

Arvind Subramanian, a former chief economic adviser notlaraddupai silent so far he finally left his effacing. Breaking large notes and comments to cancel. Notlaraddu outrageous act, monetary policy is going to be a big shock. As a result, the growth rate declined. The Prime Minister’s decision to release tappupattarutvaralo ‘of the Council: The Challenges of the Modi-Jaitley Economy Arvind made the remarks in the book. ‘Notes the termination of a lot worse. A blow to the currency. 86 percent goes back to a decision of the currency in the currency. GDP growth had the effect of cancellation of the notes. Even before the dissolution of the notes nemmadincinappatiki growth in 2016, fell abruptly after November 8. The average GDP growth for six quarters before the notes is 8 per cent. But in contrast with the average growth of 6 to cancel the next seven quarters.
After that, however, interest rates, GST, GST increase in oil prices influenced the evolution of the unexpected cancellation of the notes that cepparurajakiya parlance, such a decision of any country in the recent past had been under normal circumstances. Referring to the success of the BJP in Uttar Pradesh after the cancellation of the notes .. cancellation of the notes is going to be an answer to some confusion. In order to achieve the objectives of the poor are the most common large ibbadulu. The rich, the poor and the oppressed Irregulars care about their difficulties. Cows are apparently considered to be a goat .. I’m gone. ‘ “He said. Rs. 1000, Rs. 500 notes to disband in 2016, on November 8, Prime Minister Modi’s sensational statement was made. Arvind Subramanian of the then economic adviser to the cancellation of this decision, however, the government has also been consulted. Never, however, did not react to the criticism by Arvind. He has become the latest sensation notlaraddupai comments. Last year, stepped down from his post for four years as a financial advisor, Arvind.

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