Chandrababu is conspiracy with insecurities

Chandra Babu's comments on Rahul Gandhi's fate are fantastic. KCR was cheated on golden Telangana. BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao said that he is now talking to Chandrababu Rahul with the golden Telangana. On Thursday he spoke with the media. Chandra Babu is the one who transformed Navdandra into a scandal. It is a shame to speak out against them if they make IT attacks on Akkarvaras. Chandrababu in CM status speaks of corruption as their birthright. Asked whether your MP had fraudulently made loans by companies.
It is not advisable to politicize legally executives. If the authorities loot the public money, Chandrababu has acted like Ali Baba forty thieves. The Telugu Desam said that unless the country is in a difficult situation, the country is not in a difficult situation. Today, Chandrababu has spent the same party with the TDP, which is against NTR. Chandrababu Rahul joined the panchayat to learn how to hide the illicit earnings. How TDP leaders are now meeting the Congress and striking off the clothes. TDP MP Sujana Chowdhury said he had been cheating Rs 5,700 crore and named as Andhra Malia. Vijaya Mallya left the country,Andrha Mallya goes with the same inspiration. It is shameful to say that it is a great mistake to say that the mistake was made. As a matter of Parliament, I wrote a letter to the committee including the sources to take action against Sujana Chowdary.

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