85% of the donations to the BJP party

… .. On the other hand take part in the various state assemblies during the Lok Sabha elections in the wake of the closing of many of the political parties’ financial burden, reduce the corporate houses are coming forward to help in the form of donations. Subscriptions are providing assistance to the third by an electoral trusts. However, the matter in which the party received donations to the Association for Democratic Reforms Ennedi (ADR) … According to the report, the report velladincindiediar 201718ganu in conjunction with various partilannintiki received donations of Rs 194 crore. BJP has secured the highest share of the power, the report said. 
86.59 per cent of the total donations received approximately 167.80 crore, according to the saffron party.The opposition, including the Congress, the Nationalist Congress Party, National Conference, Biju Janata Dal, including as many as 25 regional partilannintiki. Has received contributions in the form of Rs 98 crore. The share of Rs 11 crore, according to the ADR. It’s Biju Janata Dal party (Rs 14 crore) to be less than the amount given to the top 10, along with a donation from the receipt of the trustee gamanarhamelaktroral the ADR, in its report on many of the donors. Telecom giant Bharti Airtel scored the highest at Rs 25,005 crore, Rs Real estate giant DLF. 25 crore, Rs yupiel Limited. Donated 20 million. Real estate giant DLF Rs. 25 crore, Rs yupiel Limited. Donated 20 million. Real estate giant DLF Rs.25 crore, Rs yupiel Limited. Donated 20 million.

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